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Something for every Leader.

Tailored goals and skill-building to
match you and your different leaders.

Strategic Leaders

People Leaders

New Managers

Individual Contributors


Transformation and empowerment for every type of leader.

Are you feeling stuck at work? Many leaders find themselves working to the bone, on the cusp of reaching the next level, yet unable to achieve it.

That’s where I come in. With over thirty years of experience in the tech industry, I’ve faced just about every issue a leader might face, learning from them every step of the way.

Feel confident in your position.

We know that leadership can feel like a lonely place. Whether you’re an individual leader who feels stuck or a senior leader who wants to motivate their team, the Leadership Coaching program exists to provide you with the support you need to succeed.

Focus on sustainability.

We won’t leave you high and dry. With the Leadership Coaching program, you’ll gain the skills you need to sustain success through every trial and tribulation. The goal is to build a solid understanding of leadership skills to carry you through your entire career.

Build a roadmap to your success.

Whether you’re looking to level up your leadership skills or to get a new promotion, we’re here to help create a clear path for your goal. You’ll tell us about your career, your objectives, and your issues. From there, we’ll find solutions to your problem areas and execute a realistic plan-of-action to get you to the next level.

Begin the journey

to becoming the most confident leader you can be for yourself, for your team, and for your organization. Sign up for Leadership Coaching today!

High-Performance Team Building

Accountable and Collaborative

High value teams are innovative problem-solving known for displaying a high level of communication and collaboration, delivering consistent and superior results.

Team Fluidity Assessments

Building and Alignment

Feedback and Mentoring

Agile and Adaptable

High-Performance Team Building

Be a team that delivers consistent and superior results.

Strong teams build strong businesses. Join the High-Performance Team Building program to train your team to deliver high-value work to your organization.

Take a deep dive. 

This program begins with an in-depth assessment of your team. How do they communicate? Are they efficient at problem-solving? What are they doing to prevent team burnout? Taking everything into account, we’ll put together an action plan that brings out the best in every member.

Encourage team collaboration.

Teamwork isn’t just about output – it’s about mindset. Our High-Performance Team Building program ensures that team members understand, acknowledge, and trust one another in order to build a rock-solid mindset as a unit.

Prevent fires before having to put them out.

All teams are well-oiled machines. This program builds a solid team foundation that encourages members to trust one another, grow together, and be accountable for their own work. When your team is able to work together on a deeper level, you’ll spend less time putting out fires, and more time producing high-value work.

Sign up for our High-Performance Team Building!

Change and Transformations

Don't fear change, embrace it.

Growth, strategy, culture, structure: change happens. The greatest challenge is not the change itself, but the uncertainty it generates. Whether you are planning it, leading it, implementing it or navigating it - we support the full journey.

Leading Change

Prioritization & Time Management

Shaping the Strategy and Execution

Decision Making and Influence

Change and Transformations

Adapt and thrive in an ever-changing business climate.

The world is changing, and businesses must follow suit or be left behind. Leaders are put under extreme strain during large business transformations, which is why we are here to help.

Embrace change in stride.

Changes in growth, culture, and structure are inevitable in today’s world. Our Change and Transformation Management program coaches you through all stages from strategy to execution.

Be confident in your choices.

The greatest challenge is not change itself, but the uncertainty it generates. Change can be daunting, and you may find yourself questioning your strategy. “Are these the right changes to make? What if this new strategy doesn’t work? Am I making the right decision for my organization?”.

You don’t need to walk this path alone! Whether you’re planning, leading, implementing, or navigating change, we are here to support the full journey.

Transformation starts with an adaptable leader.

We know that leading during a time of change is a heavy responsibility. With decades of experience in the fast-paced tech industry, we know what it takes to survive and thrive through transformative times.

We give you the tools you need to enable your organization to successfully adapt to change.

 Contact us to take the lead on transformation today!

Stacy C.

I'm now in my dream job.

"I started working with Jim when I was very stuck and unhappy at work and was eager to make a move. With each session, he created a safe and productive space for talking through my thoughts and feelings, often posing the perfect question to unblock me when my thinking became narrow or negative. I’m now in my dream job and couldn’t thank Jim enough for his help in getting me there!"

-Stacy C.