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Engage Leaders to reach their full potential in Leadership, High-Value Teams, Change & Transformations


Great leaders have one thing in common: they know how to motivate and influence. This isn't a one-size-fits all approach. The best leaders learn how to bring their own spin and style.

High-Value Team Building

In today's world, great teams want to evolve to the next level and think of themselves more fluidly, shifting behaviors as the context requires. High-Value Teams teams execute more quickly, make better decisions, and solve more complex problems. 

Change & Transformations

Growth, strategy, culture, structure: change happens. The greatest challenge is not the change itself, but the uncertainty it generates. See how we help navigate, implement and support.

they said

"I'm now in my dream job..."

Stacy C.

"I'm now in my dream job"

"I started working with Jim when I was very stuck and unhappy at work and was eager to make a move. With each session, he created a safe and productive space for talking through my thoughts and feelings, often posing the perfect question to unblock me when my thinking became narrow or negative. I’m now in my dream job and couldn’t thank Jim enough for his help in getting me there!"

-Stacy C.

meet jim

I believe in challenging the status quo and "Transforming the world of work!"

Yes, it is a bold statement we know. Over the years and thousands of hours of coaching leaders at all levels, we have made some observations. 

People, especially leaders, are always in some state of change.  When left to the environmental forces, transformations are slow, rough, and jagged, like mountains pushing up through the earth...



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